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Outwood Dental Practice offers general dental work in Wakefield and throughout the rest of West Yorkshire. Our NHS dentistry service is of the highest standard, and our team are all fully qualified and experienced.

•  Check-ups

•  Fillings

•  Bridges

•  Braces

•  Clean-ups

There is nothing worse than a toothache or sensitive teeth - but many complain about their teeth and never do anything about it.

That's where we come in. Our friendly, professional dentists in Wakefield and dental hygienists can help relieve the stress and pain of sensitive teeth and bleeding gums.


Regular check-ups help detect tooth decay and oral cancer quickly and save your gums and teeth if detected quick enough. We have a wide variety of NHS dentistry services that can help you maintain that perfect smile.

Honest and professional dental work including:

Dental work of the highest quality designed to improve your smile

For an experienced dentist in Wakefield, providing an NHS services,

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General dental work in Wakefield and throughout West Yorkshire

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